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Pécs Galleries


E78 - Furnace Gallery

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

The E78 building in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter also opened in 2010 as part of the European Capital of Culture project. The special, closed yard belonging to the E78 is an excellent venue for festivals, concerts and outdoor events. The building is a multi-purpose cultural venue created by fitting modern and listed factory buildings. On the ground floor, the so called Furnace Gallery exhibition area, situated in the belly of the former kiln, was added to the venue. Right next it there is a concert hall equipped with modern sound and light technology, which hosts not only pop music programs but also theatrical performances and other cultural events. Since 2013, Furnace Gallery has been regularly hosting and organizing independent exhibitions, or exhibitions and accompanying events related to festivals and events for all ages. The proximity of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs greatly facilitated this role, with more and more exhibitors coming from the students of the Faculty of Arts. The annual Szamárfül (Donkey’s ear) Family Festival held in the Zsolnay Quarter in August added a new role to the place as a venue specifically dedicated to for children and families. Furnace Gallery develops its annual exhibition concept focusing on these two target audiences - children and young people.